About Renaissance Software

Founded in 2009 by team of experienced software developers in science center of Russia, Novosibirsk. Starting with the first projects, the team took up the development of its own unique solution for parsing sites with an intelligent content definition system. This allowed us to combine high efficiency with a low price, which allows our customers to get more results for less money, compared to competitors.

How we work

Work on the project takes place in several stages:

1. The client send a request for data collection.

2. An experienced developer analyzes the site trying to determine the complexity of data collection and potential risks - captcha, restrictions on IP address, and other problems.

3. The automatic utility does a trial data collection to determine the stability, maximum data collection speed and approximate number of pages.

4. We calculate the cost of work and the execution time and send them to the client.

5. After the successful completion of the negotiations, the developer marks the target data for the collection.

6. The system starts collecting and the developer periodically observes the state of the process. In case the site applies the anti-scrapping scheme, we develop a module to bypass the restrictions.

7. After the completion of the collection, the developer analyzes the final data to ensure that there are no errors and sends them to the client.

8. The customer is satisfied. Always.

Our Solution

There main features of our scraping solution:

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